j No Agendroid

No Agendroid

The perfect companion to the best podcast in the universe.

No Agendroid lets you listen to episodes of the No Agenda show, while simultaneously browsing each episode's collection of Shownotes and Clips.
  • Browse each episode's extensive Shownotes
  • Access to all of Adam's and John's Clips
  • Listen to the show using the specialized player:
    • Auto-save your current listening position independently for each episode
    • Listen in the background while you do other things on your Android device
    • Use Skipback to replay the last 30 seconds
    • Lockscreen and Notification controls
    • Stream episodes, or download for offline play
  • Listen to the No Agenda Global Radio Live Stream
  • Give yourself some karma with the Jingle player

Click below to download the APK!

Please uninstall any previous version before installing 2.1.12

Due to changes in Google Play Store policy, I cannot upload a new version the app without a significant re-write... so I have made a fresh start for version 3, it's in progress and coming soon! For help with installing "unsigned" apps, see these links:
Allow unsigned Android apps
How to allow installation from unknown sources on Android 9


The No Agenda podcast airs live Thursday and Sunday at 9:00PST/12:00EST, hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. The show is a free-flowing conversation that deconstructs recent news and media issues.

The various news stories, clips, emails, and documents that go into producing each episode are referred to as Shownotes, and are published by the No Agenda team online. No Agendroid enables easy browsing of each episode's Shownotes in addition to streaming episodes of the show in the background. News stories feature links to archived versions and original sources, audio clips can be played directly from the app, and other documents will open in your phone's appropriate default application.

No Agendroid requires the following permissions on your phone:
  • Network Connections - Full Internet Access: To download shownotes and stream episodes
  • System Tools - Prevent phone from sleeping: Keeps your phone's processor awake to play episodes in the background


Questions? aramobile2011@gmail.com